Hall of Fame

Nominations Being Accepted for Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame is to preserve the great history of the Texas Longhorn cattle breed and to recognize individuals who have had the greatest impact and influence on the breed. Induction into the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual, whose contributions and commitment have truly shaped the breed.

Any TLBAA member in good standing may submit a nomination. Nominee must have been an outstanding contributor over a period of years either as a breeder, competitor or contributor to the Texas Longhorn breed. The nominee should have been or is currently a member of the TLBAA. A nominee may be either living or deceased.

Nomination of an individual must be submitted using the form provided by TLBAA. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted. Materials which may be included with the nomination form are photographs, newspaper or other publication clippings, multimedia items, URL addresses for online videos, competition records from the TLBAA’s HORNS system or other related organizations, reference letters from those who know or knew the nominee, a personal testament from the individual preparing the nomination, or relevant passages from books containing biographical information on the nominee. If these items are sent in, they will not be returned and will become a part of the archives. Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted UNBOUND on traditional letter size paper (8.5”x11”).

The nomination process considers individuals addressing the following criteria:

  • a. Accomplishments in the Longhorn industry
  • b. National importance within the Longhorn industry
  • c. Contributions made to the Longhorn industry
  • d. Enduring value or historical significance of accomplishments
  • e. Personal qualities (integrity, character, uniqueness)

Upon receiving a nomination, the TLBAA office will send acknowledgement. The acknowledgement of materials does NOT indicate a successful nomination. Nominations will be accepted year round; however, a nomination must be received by a deadline of September 30 of each year in order for the committee to consider for the following year. A nomination of a person may be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee each year for a maximum of three years; however, the nomination must be resubmitted each year. Upon the completion of the third year, if a nominee has not been selected for induction, then the nominator must wait two complete calendar years before resubmitting that particular nominee to the Hall of Fame Committee for consideration.

An induction ceremony will take place annually at the Hall of Fame banquet, hosted by the TLBAA.

Inductees will receive appropriate recognition and awards at the banquet. Inductee will also be showcased in the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame section of the TLBAF Museum (once the building is complete).

Past Hall of Fame Winners

The Hall of Fame honor recognizes breeders who have dynamically influenced the direction and advancement of the Texas Longhorn breed.

Dr. Bob Kropp
Michel McLeod

Dr. L. V. Baker Jr

Kasar “Kaso” Kety

No Inductees

Johnnie Hoffman
Owen McGill

Red McCombs

Wildlife Refuge
Milby Butler
Jack Phillips
M.P. Wright
Graves Peeler
I.G. “Cap” Yates
Emil H. Marks