Registered Longhorn Beef

Longhorn Beef Producer Webinars

April 2023
Beef Webinar covering
topics on the production and promotion of Texas Longhorn beef

June 2023
Beef Webinar with Mike Crawford, Local Cuts Meat Processor

How To Join Beef Producers program

  • The Registered Texas Longhorn Beef Producers program is a service that allows members to be listed on the site as a Beef Producer, as well as receiving 150 color brochures to share!
  • It also supplies members of the Beef Producer Program with increased exposure through marketing efforts.
  • Becoming apart of the Registered Texas Longhorn Beef Producers is a simple process:
    • Fill out and submit the application in one of three ways:
          -- Online Form
          -- Fill Out and Email or Mail in an Application
    • Pay the $75 yearly Membership fee by:
          -- Credit Card on file
          -- Calling in credit card information
          -- Mailing in payment to the TLBAA office
    • Email your application to
    • To mail an application please send to:
      221 West Exchange, Ste. 210
      P.O. Box 4430
      Fort Worth TX, 76164
  • If you have any questions about the Beef Producers program, contact the Beef Committee Chair Andrew Shagoury at 336-825-0013 or
  • You can also contact the TLBAA office at 817-625-6241


    • Beef animals must come from registered breeding animals. (i.e. Dam and Sire must be registered under TLBAA)
    • Yearly Fee of $75
    • Must follow all local, state and national health requirements for processing animals.
    • As most programs in the Longhorn Breed, the honor system is in full effect.  Once a grievance has been filed a full investigation will be conducted by an appointed entity/person voted by the Beef Committee or Ethics Committee. If fouls are found immediate dismissal from the Texas Longhorn Lean Beef program will be done.
      • A $250 fee will be applied if the producer decides to contest the decision by the TLBAA Lean Beef committee.
      • A third party will decide the final decision appointed by the committee.