DNA Testing

DNA Testing Procedures and Pricing

Below contains the DNA forms/information with additional procedures and instructions on gathering samples and pricing. You can find a link to instructions on ordering test supplies, the first step you need to take for testing through the new lab. 

If you have any questions, please contact either the TLBAA office at 817-625-6241, or email dnaservices@tlbaa.org to assist you with your DNA needs.

Please Note: GGP50K Test has been discontinued, please select the GGP100K Test Form, the Igenity Beef Profile is still available.

SNP - Single Nucleotide Polymorphism - “Snip”

  • Can be used for parent verification
  • Analyzes 78-110 repeating DNA markers
  • Used more regularly
  • Widely accepted DNA test
  • Can be analyzed against other SNP DNA tests • Can be bundled with a STR DNA test

GGP100K - GeneSeek Genomic Profiler Bovine™ 100K

  • Better coverage - Average SNP spacing of 29.0 kb
  • Even Distribution - Average D score of 0.90 and U score of 0.74
  • Appropriate overlap with multiple SNP panels to allow for accurate imputation
  • Astounding MAF - weighted average minor allele frequency (MAF) across ten breeds of 0.29
  • High MAF equates to high information content

Igenity Beef Report

  • The first complete heifer profile designed for crossbred and straight bred cattle
  • Tool for ranking and selecting replacement heifers and scoring commercial bulls
  • New indexes allow for multi-trait selection
  • Can be personalized to fit specific production or market opportunities

DNA Services

  • A.I. Certification
  • Hair Card Processing Fee (Lab Fee)
  • SNP
  • STR & SNP Bundle
  • GGP100K
  • Igenity Beef Report
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DNA Services Instructions


  • STEP 1 - Go to TLBAA.org website and on the opening/home page in the upper blue bar click on Herd Management, then on the drop down click DNA Testing and the page will open.
  • STEP 2 - Click on “Instructions for Ordering New DNA Sample Supplies” (Hair envelope, blood card or tissue vial-each sample container will have a bar code on it) Order your DNA Samples by following the instructions on that page (you will not be able to fill out completely the test request form until you receive your supplies with the bar code on each container)
  • STEP 3 - Choose type of DNA test you want from the DNA Testing Price List, once you choose the test you want, leave the Price List page and go back to the home page to choose the type of test you want
  • STEP 4 - Choose the type of test you need, on the test form you choose, fill out the form to include the bar code of the sample container you are using (hair, blood or tissue) for each specific animal
  • STEP 5 - Email form to dnaservices@tlbaa.org DO NOT SEND TO TLBAA
  • STEP 6 - DNA Services will email you back a work order with all of your details, double check that the bar code listed on the work order on the test sample on each specific animal is correct
  • STEP 7 - Mail your work order with the DNA sample containers to Neogen GeneSeek Operations, 4131 North 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68504 (do not send payment, TLBAA will invoice you for the payment once Neogen sends the invoice to TLBAA) DO NOT SEND SAMPLES TO TLBAA
  • STEP 8 - Once the testing has been completed DNA Services will send you a copy of the results and enter the results into the animals profile in the HORNS system

dnaservices@tlbaa.org will assist you in all of your DNA needs … don’t hesitate to email them or contact rick@tlbaa.org

Please Note: GGP50K Test has been discontinued, please select the GGP100K Test Form, the Igenity Beef Profile is still available.

UPDATE: DNA services are now available at dnaservices@tlbaa.org.

DNA Forms