Longhorn Sales

Many registered Longhorn sales are held at different locations throughout the year by both organizations and individual breeders, allowing Longhorn cattle owners the opportunity to economically market their cattle. Sales typically offer online or internet bidding. When attending a sale, buyers should acquaint themselves with terms concerning the breeder status, fertility, and health papers on each animal that is sold. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of health regulations for transportation of animals into the state of their residence. By doing so, a buyer can save himself many problems and also to be a more competent and qualified buyer.

If you wish to participate in a consignment sale, please be aware that consignment deadlines are often months ahead of the actual sale to allow time to produce and mail an catalog, so plan ahead.

Texas Longhorn Weekend (January)

The Eddie Wood Cowtown Classic is held as part of Texas Longhorn Weekend during the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo in January each year. Consignments are due in October each year. This sale is limited in numbers by the time allowed by the Stock Show, so a selection committee chooses which animals will be offered as lots in the sale. The sale benefits from the exposure of the breed to the thousands of visitors attending the Stock Show. The weekend also includes Board and Affiliate meetings, Awards presentations, Longhorn Shows and more. Watch for updates on the event page

TLBAA Horn Showcase (Fall)

The TLBAA Horn Showcase Sale is held in the fall each year as part of the larger Horn Showcase event which includes horn measuring, a futurity, awards banquet and more. This is a select sale, meaning all are welcome to submit consignments, but numbers are limited and animals a selection committee choose those that will be accepted as sale lots. Consignments are due mid-July for the October sale. Watch for updates on the event page.
For a list of upcoming sales in the Longhorn industry, view the calendar of events!