Miniature Texas Longhorns

Miniature Longhorns

Miniature Texas Longhorns are descendants of standard-sized longhorns that have been selectively bred to reduce their size. Historically, these Miniature Texas Longhorns have been registered within the standard TLBAA registry.


Females- 45” or below
Bulls- 48” or below
Steers- 50” or below


All Miniature Texas Longhorns should be measured at the top of the hook bone to the ground while the animal is on a flat level surface, with the animal in a normal stopped position (front legs set square and the back legs square or in set in a slight offset position) and the head held normally. To make a hip height measurement, an object with a flat edge should be set level on the animal’s hook bone. From your flat edge to the ground is then measured with a common tape measure, and that is how your measurement is read.