Marketing Services

All marketing services are available through the Trails Department. In addition to Texas Longhorn Trails Magazine advertising opportunities, we also offer other marketing opportunities. 


Our email marketing, call E-blasts, are sent directly to individuals who have signed up to receive our emails, so it is a receptive and engaged audience. That list fluctuates but is currently averaging 1650+ people. All e-blasts also post upon send to the TLBAA Facebook page for even further reach. There are two levels of design available.

Basic: Text, photos, link out, contact information all presented in a clean basic format. $70

Deluxe: Looks more like a magazine ad would with background and extra design elements. $95

Web Ads

A button ad on the footer of the website to drive traffic to your website or social media page.

$1500 for one year 
$900 for 6 months


List your ranch on the “Breeders Near You” page to be found by potential new customers. $240/year